Guided tour of Medina Azahara, the ‘shining city’


From € 20 / person * **
Duration: approx. 2.5 hours, with departure from Córdoba

* Price applicable for groups of 8 – 20 persons. For groups of less than 8 persons, please check prices. Children under 10 years old go free!

** Price of shuttle bus service and entrance fee not included. Entrance Fee: Free for EU citizens + shuttle bus to the archaeological site (€ 2.50 / person) / Non-EU visitors: € 0.30 / person + shuttle bus to the archaeological site (€ 2.50 / person)

Did you know that the city of Medina Azahara was once the seat of power of the Umayyad Caliphate of al-Andalus?

If you let me guide you, you’ll learn why it was built, its exquisite, luxurious decorative elements, the official ceremonies and pageants held in the city, its mosque... We’ll tell you about the botanical gardens and how Medina Azahara became a cradle of famous philosophers, poets, doctors, scientists and musicians.

Situated 8 km from Córdoba, this ancient ruined city, full of mystery, charm and legends, was recently declared a World Heritage Site.

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