CordoGuía is Marta and Marta is CordoGuía.


I’ve always had close links with tourism in my city, working in tourist information and visitor services for the Andalusian Government in Córdoba, as well as in the city's municipal tourist offices. After thirteen years behind the counter, I decided to hop over to the other side, and accompany you. This is how CordoGuía was born, to provide a service of friendly, professional guided tours tailored to your needs - and to help you, with no ‘counter’ between us.

Marta Gómez, el alma de CordoGuía | Marta Gómez, the heart and soul of CordoGuía | Marta Gómez, l'âme de CordoGuía

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Marta Gómez Castellano, and I‘m an official Andalusian government tour guide and guide/interpreter for the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba.

CordoGuía, let me guide you... is my own professional project, set up after over 13 years of experience in the tourism sector, in Córdoba, my home town, and its province.

I see myself as an ambassador for my land, full of pride for its history, traditions and culture, and the day you have me as your guide, you’ll appreciate the passion I feel for this heritage.

Come and visit Córdoba... and let me guide you...

Must-sees in Córdoba...

Let me guide you around the city with the most UNESCO World Heritage awards in the world: the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, the old quarter, the Festival of the Courtyards of Córdoba and the ancient palace-city of Medina Azahara.

Let me guide you...


CordoGuía is Marta Gómez Castellano, official guide of the Andalusian Regional Government and guide/interpreter for the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba.

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